About Us

Nosilla Organics was founded in 2008 and is based in Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Owner / Designer Allison Grace, is a wife and mother of two and draws inspiration from her beautiful surroundings and her children.

A creative spirit, Allison was that little girl, who at 6 years old, picked up her Grandma’s needle and thread and scraps of fabric and began hand stitching new outfits for her dollies. She was that girl, at 10 years old, sketching and designing whole wardrobes for her friends Barbie collections (as well as cutting off all of their hair into modern short dos.) She was that girl, at 16 years old, who after repeated store visits to no avail, designed, sourced fabrics and a found a local seamstress to create a truly stunning and unique one of a kind dress for her own prom.

Today, Allison still finds design and the creative process to be the most fulfilling aspect of her business and that process is much the same as it was when she was a little girl. Nosilla Organics is about freedom of expression. It is about having fun and not taking things too seriously. It is about being bold and a little bit different while embracing one’s own uniqueness. And it is about creating whimsical, fun clothing for little’s that are practical and comfortable for both play and sleep.

In keeping with her West Coast roots, Allison insists on garment production that aligns with her ethical ideals. Her garments are created using GOTS certified organic cotton in facilities that adhere to strict fair trade standards.

Allison was and still is that girl who never stops dreaming about the possibilities and Nosilla Organics is a reflection of that.